WARM-BOARD End Support

WARM-BOARD End Support

The WARM-BOARD End Support is a revolutionary, multifunctional underfloor heating pipe and floor support system. The End Support with its multiple snapping points, enables a more flexible approach to underfloor heating installation, giving the installer the benefit of installing larger floor areas. With the integral pipe securing system, it allows a trouble free quick installation of the pipe work, ensuring the underfloor pipe work remains fixed in position. The word support has a multiple meaning; the product offers a support to the floor covering above around the perimeter of the room, without the requirement of a biscuit screed; it supports the pipe work once pressed into place.


Prior to installing the WARM-BOARD within a room, two End Supports are placed into the corner of the room and fixed to the floor using the multiple fixing points. Upon completion of the first row of WARM-BOARD’s, continue to lay the End Supports across the edge of the room to the end. To enable a quick and easy routing of connecting pipes between rooms, the End Support can be snapped into multiple products, which gives the installer a flexible approach to installing floating floors.

Features & Benefits

  • Self-Retaining pipe locking system
  • Multiple flow and return channels, enabling the installation of larger areas
  • Non continuous return allows flexible entry points to the board
  • Interlocking panels enabling a secure base.
  • Multiple snapping points offering a flexible pipe routing system between rooms.


  • End Support dimension 300mm x 320mm
  • 12 fixing points
  • Thickness of 15mm, 18mm, and 25mm
  • For pipe dimensions 10mm, 12mm, 16mm
  • HDPE
  • 2 unique snapping points to facilitate  5 different functions
  • For pipe diameters of 12mm and 10mm, the distance between the pipes are 150mm
  • For pipe diameters of 16mm the distance between the pipe work is 200mm

Installation Guide

WARM-BOARD is ideal for all types of project and floor coverings. They key to understanding which WARM-BOARD is the most suitable for your application, is knowing which floor covering you will be applying. Both the WARM-BOARD and WARM-BOARD Light can be installed in the majority of situations, however, due to the WARM-BOARD structural properties, it is an ideal solution for the direct application of tiles to the board. These features are a very effective and efficient solution to retrofit and new build floating floor applications.

WARM-BOARD Applications
Floor Covering Type of Cover Fixing Method
Tiles Direct Flexible adhesive and grout
Tiles Optional 10mm plywood Apply with the WARM-BOARD adhesive, and or fix with screws
Tiles Optional 10mm WARM-BOARD dry screed cover Flexible adhesive and grout
Solid Wood Direct Fixed direct to the WARM-BOARD by screws
Carpet on Cover Layer 10mm plywood or 10mm WARM-BOARD on dry screed panel Apply with the WARM-BOARD adhesive, and or fix with screws
Vinyl on cover layer 10mm plywood or 10mm WARM-BOARD on dry screed panel Apply with the WARM-BOARD adhesive, and or fix with screws

WARM-BOARD Video Installation Guide

** Provided by others- In accordance with Part ‘L’ of the current Building Regulations, a suitable layer of insulation material should be included within the floor construction. It is the responsibility of the Architect or Builder to ensure compliance. However, in all instances insulation must be installed beneath the underfloor heating system in order to ensure that any downward heat loss does not exceed 10w/m2, in accordance with BS EN 1264.

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