The WARM-­BOARD Light utilises a high compressive strength expanded polystyrene, with a highly efficient aluminium foil covering. This acts as a heat conducting surface to transfer the heat from the pipes to the finished floor above. When up to temperature, it delivers sufficient output to provide warm and even ambient temperatures within the living space. The best floor covering for the WARM­‐BOARD Light, is a solid or engineered wood floor. Where coverings such as carpet are to be fitted, the system design must factor in the extra heat output that will be needed; a loss in output needs to be negated by increasing the flow temperature.


WARM-­BOARD Light uses a unique patent pending End Support system, which helps to secure and support both the floor covering above, and the pipe work within. WARM‐BOARD Light can be used over many flooring types, in both retro fit and new construction applications. It is a versatile system offering a quick and easy installed solution.

The 12mm and 10mm MULTI-­PEX 5 layer pipe, is laid from the chosen ISIS manifold location in a serpentine pattern, and secured at 150mm* centres within the WARM‐BOARD Light, and supported by the End Supports.

Dependent upon the floor covering, different floor finishes can be applied to the WARM-­BOARD light, these include, carpet, laminate and vinyl. When installing carpet and vinyl to the WARM-­BOARD Light, an optional intermediate layer should be laid directly on top, that being, our 10mm dry screed board, or a 6mm ply board. However, solid wood floors or laminates can be laid direct to the aluminum surface**. SOLFEX Energy Systems recommends that insulation is fitted below to reduce downward heat loss***


Features & Benefits

  • Provides ready‐made pipe spacing’s.
  • Can be used on top of all flooring types.
  • Good for large regular shaped areas.
  • Quick installation.
  • Pipe securing and board support provided by the unique end support.
  • Low Profile 15mm and 18mm low profiles.
  • Highly efficient aluminium foil surface.
  • Typical heat outputs up to 77 W/m2
  • Ideal for the direct application of solid and laminate wood floors.


  • Maximum circuit length for 10mm MULTI-PEX pipe is 60 metres
  • Maximum circuit length for 12mm MULTI-­PEX pipe is 80 metres
  • Typical design flow temperature 48°C
  • Average amount of pipe per 1 mfloor area is 6.4 metres of pipe
  • Typical circuit flow rate 1.2 litres per minute

* For 12mm diameter pipe, the maximum floor coverage is approximately 12 mwith pipes laid at 150mm apart.

* For 10mm diameter pipe, the maximum floor coverage is approximately 9 m2, with pipes laid at 150mm apart.

* Typical maximum heat outputs for 150mm centres up to 77 W/m2

[Based upon calculations from BS EN 1264 part (2)] Allowance for timber floors.

** Always consult your wood floor manufacturer to verify the suitability. SOLFEX Energy Systems cannot be held responsible for defects arisen from incorrect installation.

***Provided by others-­In accordance with Part ‘L’ of the current Building Regulations, a suitable layer of insulation material should be included within the floor construction. It is the responsibility of the Architect or Builder to ensure compliance. However, in all instances insulation must be installed beneath the under floor heating system in order to ensure that any downward heat loss does not exceed 10W/m2, in accordance with BS EN 1264.

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